25 June 2013

featured at Rezzed 2013 Developer Sessions

I've been watching the progress of the upcoming adventure game Dreamfall Chapters for a few months.
Back in February, during their Kickstarter campaign the developers announced a fan art competition, as a fan I decided to take part. In March the nominees were announced, my entry was there and I was excited to know that Ragnar Tornquist liked it. Voting was done by the fans. In the end, I didn't win.

Now in June, the developer team was participating at Rezzed 2013 Developer Sessions in Birmingham.
They held a panel in which they talked about Dreamfall Chapters and the progress so far.
At one point during presentation Ragnar, Dag and Martin talked about the fan art competition held in February-March. I had a pleasant surprise to see my entry featured on the big screen with other entries.
Although I didn't win, it felt like I my effort was rewarded in some way. Thank you Red Thread Games!

around 9:23 you can see my entry

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