4 May 2012

My one page comic inking process with a DIY lightbox

I wanted to finish the one page comic that I created. I decided to take some photos along the way.

This is my improvised lightbox for tracing the sketch I did , lucky I have some pocket edition  Jane Austen book, these come in handy for raising the glass panel I put above the dismantled table lamp

Et Voila! My improvised lightbox which works. One convenient thing about it, I can make it and I can break it as many times I want and it doesn't occupy permanent space on my desk.

The inking process has never been easier! My lamp has 3 stages of intensity I can select the one I desire with a single touch.

It worked perfectly! Now I can color it!

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  1. He, he, he, ce ingenios :D merita incercat!