23 August 2010

Now I'm reading ...

Larklight Trilogy

Author: Philip Reeve
Illustrator: David Wyatt

It's about time my appetite for literature came back.
I've bought the first 2 volumes in the Larklight trilogy written by Philip Reeve : Larklight and Starcross, now I'm just waiting for Mothstorm to come up but I guess the trilogy didn't sell as it should have and maybe there won't be a 3rd book ... I'm just keeping my fingers crossed!
The plot is pretty interesting in each book and I have discovered that it's a good ol' Steampunk flavored twist. It kinda reminds me of Treasure Planet from Disney cause it's similar at some points, but even the animation was inspired by Treasure Island written by Louis Robert Stevenson.

But the pirate themes always put me in a great mood, so for me it doesn't matter as long as it's exciting and entertaining. And yeah, I understand there will be a film with a big budget! ( I can't wait)

So this is the last book called Mothstorm which I'm hopping to read pretty soon once it gets translated

After that ends, which will be pretty soon, because there are about 100 pages left of Larklight-sorry I read Starcross first- and then I'll get back to reading SF Jules Verne manner)

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